a large user postcode in Dacorum, Hertfordshire

HP1 9RZ Location Map


Latitude: 51.7642 / 51°45'51"N

Longitude: -0.4393 / 0°26'21"W

OS Eastings: 507799

OS Northings: 208429

OS Grid: TL077084

Mapcode National: GBR G6N.9RX

Mapcode Global: VHFS0.BXLG

Open Location Code: 9C3XQH76+M7

Geographic coordinates are the approximate centre of the area covered by HP1 9RZ, and are not necessarily those of any specific postal address within it.


HP1 9RZ is a large user postcode in Dacorum, Hertfordshire. It was first introduced in January 2018.

'Large User' postcodes are allocated to organisations which receive large amounts of post. Unlike standard geographic postcodes, which cover up to 80 addresses, a large user postcode is unique to a single address.

The geographic coordinates assigned to a large user postcode may not necessarily be the actual coordinates of the location to which mail is delivered. If the address is a PO Box, then the coordinates will usually be the Royal Mail sorting office which handles mail for that postcode. In other cases, the coordinates of the postcode may be the headquarters, or registered office, of an organisation rather than the building which receives mail.

HP1 9RZ is in the Luton travel to work area. NHS services are provided by the Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust.

HP1 9RZ has a Healthy Living Index of 5/10 (Moderate).

HP1 9RZ has a Neighbourhood Retail Diversity Index of 3/10 (Low), and an Area Retail Diversity Index of 6/10 (Moderate). Supermarkets near HP1 9RZ include Aldi, Asda, Co-Operative Food, Iceland, Nisa, Sainsbury's and Tesco. (Source: Open Streetmap)

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Broadband Internet

Ofcom publishes annual statistics for Broadband availability. This is the most recent data for HP1 9RZ.

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Government Statistical Service (GSS) Codes for HP1 9RZ

District council ward
Adeyfield East
District council
Dacorum Borough Council
County council
Hertfordshire County Council
UK Parliament constituency
Hemel Hempstead
European region

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HP1 9RZ is a large user postcode in Dacorum, Hertfordshire. Check typical house prices, council tax bands, business rates, broadband availability and local schools. Find nearby hotels and holiday rentals

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